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Gummuluru Murthy gmurthy at MORGAN.UCS.MUN.CA
Thu Aug 22 07:21:19 CDT 1996

I like to look at this in a slightly different perspective.

I empathize with Charles Hillig's views on this matter.  I sometimes
wondered in the same way. However, on reflection, it seems to me that
a group like this cannot do anything else except do what it is doing.

There is no doubt all of us feel internal peace by our contemplation of
the Self. Certainly, I do. The days when my mind used to get agitated
at very minor matters seem so far away. By contemplation on the Self,
I have recognized how the worldly matters are so trivial and how
pre-occupation with them is such a mis-use of our intellect and life.
The mind would not even go back to even review those days or events.
May be that is what Sri Sankara in Vivekachudamani and Sri Ramana in
his conversations mean when they say to the effect "Once the beauty and
feeling of mental peace is achieved, the mind would not like to go back
to the earlier thoughts."
Telugu poet Bammera Pothana says in Bhaagavatam
"Mandaara makaranda maadhuryamuna brolu madhupambu povune madanamulaku
 Nirmala mandaakinii veechikala tuugu rayancha janune kutajamulaku
 ---    "
The essence of that verse is that once the mind recognizes the beauty of
a higher level of Realization, it would never go back to the ignorant
levels. My apologies for non-Telugu members in the Group in that I
introduced a Telugu verse, that too only in part (because I am quoting
from memory and I cannot recall the full verse). May be Sri Sadananda or
any Telugu speaking person in the Group who has the text of the verse
can give a proper english translation and context to this famous
Bammera Pothana verse.

Thus writing of the personal joys of experiencing the non-dualistic
approach may not be a worthy exercise because the mind would not go back
to the earlier thoughts.

The question "Who am I ?" is the most fundamental. Recognition that "I"
is beyond the body, the mind, and the buddhi and ultimately the same as
the Nirguna Brahman gives mental peace.

Sri Sankara's writings, Sri Ramana Maharshi's dialogues and even the
writings in this Discussion Group all lead to the same: Aham Brahmasmi.
This is to be experienced by each individual in his/her own way with
the help of writings, conversations and discussions. This Discussion Group
is one step in that process.

Gummuluru Murthy
Adau ante ca yan nAsti vartamAnepi tat tathA !
                                GaudapAda in Mandukya kArika
What did not exist at the beginning and what is not going to exist at the
 end is as good as non-existent even in the present.

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