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Sri Chelluri Nageswara Rao wrote:

>I understand samadhi is a state where there is no second. seer and seen are
>Can anyone who attanined samadhi state can come back and tell us how it is

Hai Nagy,

Sama dhiiH - samaadhi - equanimity in the intellect.
A mind that is not tossed by the pairs of opposites - at the body level -
at the mental level and at the intellect level -For examples, cold and
heat, pleasures and pains and praise and insults etc etc. at each level.

At least Two types of samaadhi's are described - nirvikalpa samaadhi and
sahaja samaadhi -

The first one is a thought-less (nir-vikalpa) state, this is in the
meditation state -
and the supreme is the sahaja state - one own state - where one is fully
realized that,  I am not the thought - thoughts are there I am there and
thoughts are not there I am still there. Contrary to Des-cartes? statement
- I think therefore I am - Vedanta says I am therefore I can think and I
can prefere not to think if I donot want to.

For the second part of your question, read for example, "I am that" by
Nisarga datta Maharaaj or Sri Bhagavaan Ramana Maharshiis texts.  Their
mode of living while embodied itself answers your question. Some of the
postings from - I am that- appeared in this Advaita - find out how to down
load the old postings.

Hari Om!

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