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Fri Aug 23 17:13:14 CDT 1996


namaste, ramakrishna and murthy gau

Thanks for your discussion iam able to form a picture and try to understand

Following  is a question and answer from Sri Ramana's book

It was a hot day in arunachalam.   This man, an american from chicago asked

Is it preordained that I should be here on this hot day in your presence
instead of being at my airconditioned home.      Sri Ramana said "YES"   If
this man has socalled free will he could have stayed back in chicago or
wherever he is from.

Accepting Fate becoming lazy ... if that is what is written.. thats what will
nothing will change it.  Performing ganapati homam or chandi homam wont
change anything except turns the mind towrds the supreme shakti.  Once shakti
is realized, the question of karma does not arise at all.

In this connection I would like to quote sri swami ramadas (The man who
gaveup his samsaram and became sanyasi)  He said " one's mind does not turn
towards god unless gods grace falls on him/her first.   I FULLY AGREE WITH
THIS STEMENT  ..most of us are living proof.

Regards                         shubham

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