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Sat Aug 24 12:44:35 CDT 1996

Giri wrote:

> body will go through the actions rendered inevitable by prarabdha and a man

I never disagreed with this. But I was merely saying present actions can be
used to alter what is to happen in the future. This is quite consistent with
the above statement. After all what you do now is prarabdha in the future.

> is free either to identify himself with the body and be attached to the
> fruits of its actions, or to be detached from it and be a mere witness of
> its activities."

Real freedom, IMO is spoken of here, viz realization.

> This may not be acceptable to many learned people or philosophers. I recall
> in this connection the following lines that Bhagavan once quoted to me from
> Thayumanavar on another occasion: "This  is not to be taught to all. Even
> if we tell them, it will only lead to endless discussion."
> --end quote---
>         In the spirit of the last sentence, I will refrain from posting
> anymore on the topic of freewill.

Ramana Maharishi has also agreed that present actions can alter future events.
Also the idea that homams etc are to turn the mind inwards (as posited by
someone else) is quite unacceptable. Homams etc are for _specific_ purposes. I
hope our Rishis were not unscrupulous enough to make statements which are
false. Similarly Ramana Maharishi himself has accepted the efficacy of
tarpaNam, shraddham etc as beneficial to the ancestors. How do you explain that?

If you are really interested I may be able to dig it up. The yoga vashistha is
also quite clear on this. In the spirit of the last sentence I too will refrain
from posting on this any longer. :-)

Once again I will reiterate that IMO, this concept of "thalai vidhi", "thaliyil
eZuthiyirukku" (written on the forehead etc) is the basic cause our country is
in such a pathetic state now.

Utinam logica falsa tuam philosophiam totam suffodiant (May faulty logic
undermine your entire philosophy)           -- strong Vulcan curse

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