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Sat Aug 24 15:18:26 CDT 1996

At 04:28 PM 8/23/96 -0400, you wrote:
   Assuming that these two states are comparable, then the question arises
how a person went into
>samadhi come back and tell this waking world that samadhi is nothing but

            I agree that, in dreamless sleep, all conflict and polarities
disappear.   There's no separate experiencer who is "having" an experience.

             But, if your very ground of being is Pure Consciousness,
(because that's ALL that there really is), then joy, peace, love and
perfect happiness are always fully present. The  so-called "differences"
between the states are completely  illusory and only continue to perpetuate
the intellectual separations that the ego creates through the belief that
"something is missing."

              The SELF is always fully present in ITS totality 100% of the
time.  (I mean, where ELSE could IT possibly be?)

 There are several gurus and swamis well known in this world say
>that and most of us believe.  I think one has to go himself into samadhi to
>know the difference but he can not say anything about it as there is nothing
>to say.

        That's right.  There's absolutely nothing to say and no one really
"there" to say it to, anyway.
        The rest is Silence.

                                    Chuck Hillig

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