My impressions of the apparent debate

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Mon Dec 9 08:28:08 CST 1996

I agree with  Vidyashankar that debate is being done at a superficial level
without understanding the true tenants of advaita. That was my original
comment too on the article by Sir Guruprasad.

With the result it is degrading into meaningless words with lot of noise
than any substance in the concepts.

I am reminded of my past discussions I had in alt.hindu with Hare Krishna
group who had no clear concept of advaita other what they read in their own
Most of my responses, therefore, had been mostly clarifying their
misunderstanding of Advaita, which is the first step before they argue
advaita is wrong.

I am beginning to realize that it is difficult to teach any one unless one
has some interest to learn and an biased mind.

I see more and more the beauty in the very first statement of Bhaghavan
Dattaatreya in his Avadhuuta Geeta:

"Iswaraanugraha eva pumsam advaita vaasanaa"

"Only by the grace of the Lord one acquires the interest in advaita".  How
true that statement is!
I am saying this based on my own life as I grew up in the
VishishhTaadvaitic   tradition, and am fully familiar with the most of the
criticism of advaita.
All sadhana(s) implies dvaita since saadya and saadhaka are different, but
truth is - tat twam asi - what you are searching for, you are. _ It is a
realization when saadhaka and saadhya converges to one - beyond saadhana
and saadhya. Logically one can not establish that state, since logic is at
the intellectual level, yet it is not illogical.

It is not understanding as an understanding as a thought. It is
understanding as understanding as a truth.

In the discussion of pramaanaas, Bhagavan Maadvaachaarya, while emphasizing
the experience as the means of knowledge and saakshi brings this aspect
too, only his emphasis of the truth is different.

In the final analysis Check Hilling is right - Silence is the best.

Not necessarily out of ignorance but out of knowledge too.  To know the
difference between the two, one should be knowledgeable.

I am also reminded of the second line of the  sloka "Naasato vidyate ...."
that was discussed between Sri Vidyashankar and Sri Shrisha Rao, which
states that "Ubhayorapi dR^ishhTontasttvanayo tatvadarshhibhiH". Only the
knowers of the truth know the difference between the sat and asat.  How

Realizing that I started this, my personal appeal,to all parties is to end
the discussions and the cross postings at this time, and let us go on with
our individual charter.

I will go back into my silence, except for clarification of what I wrote,
if needed.

Hari OM!


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