Info on Swami Saccidanandendra?

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Wed Nov 6 12:08:48 CST 1996

> Are there any disciples of Swami Saccidanandendra (of Holinarsipur, near
> Mysore) teaching in North America or any groups here in which his
> teachings are studied?
> A student here, Martha Chhabra, is doing her PhD dissertation on his
> works and would like to know of any local contacts.
> Many thanks,
> Tadatmananda

  I am not aware of any of his disciples here in the US. Perhaps, his
 best known work is the Vedantaprakriya (Method of Vedanta).

 I am not one of his disciples, but I have read some of his publications.
 He differs in some respects from the Sringeri Swami's. For example, he
 is a proponent of the adhyaaropa/apavaada (superimposition/sublation)
 theory of advaita rather than the ajaata vaada. In fact, he mentions
 the superimposition/sublation method is the way of Vedanta.
 Another minor difference is that he does not agree with the Sringeri
 tradition regarding which works of Shankara were actually composed
 by Shankara.

 Nevertheless, a reading of his publications leaves no doubt in the
 reader's mind about his profound scholarship and  depth of experience.

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 yadajnaanato bhaati vishvaM samastaM
 vinashhTaM cha sadyo yadaatmaprabodhe |
 manovaagatiitaM vishuddhaM vimuktaM
 paraM brahma nityaM tadevaahamasmi   ||

 yadajnaanato -  due to ignorance of which
 bhaati - appears
 vishvaM samastaM - the entire universe
 vinashhTaM - is destroyed
 sadyo - immediately
 yadaatmaprabodhe - when (It is) realized as the Self
 manovaagatiitaM - beyond the reach of mind and speech
 vishuddhaM - pure
 vimuktaM - free (from all bondage arising from karma)
 paraM brahma - the Supreme Brahman
 nityaM - eternal
 tadevaahamasmi - I am only That


    I am only that eternal supreme Brahman, due to the ignorance of which
  the entire universe appears, due to the realization of which as the Self,
 (the diverse nature of the universe) is instantly destroyed,
 which is beyond the reach of mind and speech,
  which is pure (ie. free from all duality),
 and which is free (from all bondage resulting from karma).


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