Charles A. Hillig chillig at JETLINK.NET
Thu Nov 7 12:27:37 CST 1996

My dear friends,

     As you have undoubtedly noticed, there has been a noticeable drop-off
in the number of postings since the recent "brouhaha" concerning Maharshi's
disciples, "who-said-what," etc. etc.  When we behave in ways that
contradict our personal myths about ourselves (particularly if they're
spiritual myths), then it's always a little disconcerting.  In truth, I've
discovered a lot about myself  by looking  at  when I become extremely
self-righteous and dogmatic.

     You may have noticed, too, that I chose to stay out of the discussion
entirely. I believe strongly that when we become intransigent and
positional, we begin building  walls instead of  bridges.  As Advaitans,
though, fractionalizing ourselves like that is much like drawing lines on
water.  It really can't be done.

     In a sense, I think that  "I" am only a "point of view"....sort of a
combination of all of the beliefs, opinions, thoughts, feelings,
philosophies, etc. that "I" seem to carry around and which, in a sense,
radiate outward from me in every direction.   They define the inline (as
opposed to the outline) of who I THINK I am.   The question becomes, can I
have opinions, positions, etc., and yet NOT become attached to them?   Yes!
If I'm NOT attached to them, then I have no reason to act defensively.    If
I AM attached to my positions, however, the false idea of ego-separation is,
once again, reinforced.    In short, when I'm strongly attached to my
positions, I, unconsciously, "become" the very positions that I am holding,
and this only invites further polarizations into right/wrong, good/bad, etc..

     We can certainly disagree without becoming disagreeable.  But we need
to remember that there are no separate and distinct individuals here.  There
is only the SELF.   Period!   We are always reading our own words.

     If you see the mirage of a  lake in the desert, isn't it rather silly
to get in a heated discussion about the probable "water temperature" of this
non-existent lake?   Likewise, isn't it rather silly to discuss the probable
"enlightenment" of various teachers both  "true" and "false?"    Yes, it may
be silly, but it can also be a lot of fun.....as long as we're not attached
to our positions!   It's all only "lila".... the divine play because both
the lake mirage AND the teachers are all only illusory.  There is only the
SELF present.

     Maharshi never appointed anyone as a successor because he saw no
"others."   For him, there was ONLY  the SELF.   "Who" was really "there"
for him to appoint, anyway?

     Just some thoughts to give us further "grist for our spiritual mills."

                                    With Blessings,

                                              Chuck Hillig
                                                    chillig at jetlink.net

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