Trescott K. Smith Kimmerjohn at AOL.COM
Thu Nov 7 20:14:42 CST 1996

Hello, everyone.  I'm happy to be a part of this group, and this letter is
the introduction for which I was asked.  Not having found the introductions
of others in this discussion, I'm unsure who the other members of the group
are and their familiarity with advaita.

I discovered advaita about 1988 and almost immediately recognized it as the
direct path to self-realization.  The success of sages like Ramana Maharshi,
his many pupils including H.W.L. Poonja, Jean Klein (through Jean Klein's
guru), and Poonjaji's pupil, Gangaji, convince me it is a truly excellent

I speak no Hindu and, frankly, dislike the use of Sanskrit words.  First, I
am too lazy to look them up and figure out how to put them together; and
secondly, I am not a mental giant whose great powers await immanent
discovery.  Finally, and most important, I want to know what you know, not
what you have read.  If you know it, I believe you can express it in your own
words, and that expression has the promise of furthering my own
understanding.  So bear with me if I am sometimes exasperatingly dull.

Best wishes,
T.K. Smith
Kimmerjohn at

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