Trescott K. Smith Kimmerjohn at AOL.COM
Thu Nov 7 20:36:13 CST 1996

Hello, everyone.  I'd like to introduce myself, as you have requested, and to
participate in the interchange of the understanding of advaita vedanta.

My introduction to advaita was in 1988.  I embraced it almost immediately as
the most direct way to self-realization I had seen.  The remarkable influence
of Ramana Maharshi, whose many enlightened pupils include H.W.L. Poonja,
Poonjaji's pupil, Gangaji, Jean Klein (through Klein's guru), and maybe even
U.G. Krishnamurti (who calls him one of the few "real McCoys") make him a
pivotal figure in my spiritual life.

I speak no Hindu and am confused by Sanskrit words and phrases.  First, I am
too lazy to look them up and figure out how they fit together; secondly, I am
not a mental powerhouse whose worldwide fame is immanent.  And third, and
most important, I believe that what you understand you can explain in your
own words, while CONSTANT reference to what others have said shows we are
still assuming their realization while denying our own.

I hope my ignorance is not too exasperating and that your patience will be


T.K. Smith
Kimmerjohn at

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