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>Hello, everyone.  I'd like to introduce myself, as you have requested, and to
>participate in the interchange of the understanding of advaita vedanta.
>My introduction to advaita was in 1988.  I embraced it almost immediately as
>the most direct way to self-realization I had seen.  The remarkable influence
>of Ramana Maharshi, whose many enlightened pupils include H.W.L. Poonja,
>Poonjaji's pupil, Gangaji, Jean Klein (through Klein's guru), and maybe even
>U.G. Krishnamurti (who calls him one of the few "real McCoys") make him a
>pivotal figure in my spiritual life.
>I speak no Hindu and am confused by Sanskrit words and phrases.  First, I am
>too lazy to look them up and figure out how they fit together; secondly, I am
>not a mental powerhouse whose worldwide fame is immanent.  And third, and
>most important, I believe that what you understand you can explain in your
>own words, while CONSTANT reference to what others have said shows we are
>still assuming their realization while denying our own.
>I hope my ignorance is not too exasperating and that your patience will be
>T.K. Smith
>Kimmerjohn at

>Hi, Trescott

     Welcome aboard!

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