Knowledge, Experience and fear

Charles A. Hillig chillig at JETLINK.NET
Sat Nov 9 10:54:52 CST 1996

At 11:12 AM 11/9/96 -0500, you wrote:
>namaste ya'all
>thank you sadandana for your wisdom
>Realization is such a joy even, if it is only in my ignorant ego's
>conceptual approach to it!
>>Hence fear is nothing to do with Brahman.<
>>It is the ego's delusion.<
>It seems nothing has to do with Brahman, save Brahman.
>Can other than the Absolute realize it Self?
>All else, even my Guru, is the ego's delusion. Like a decoy used to catch
>it's prey, unreal except in ignorance, He draws 'us' to our (ego)death by
>seeming to be in a body. What unknowable Compassion and Grace.
>I meditate so as to die to Him daily.
>om shanti

     Well spoken.

      Then there is only thinking.....without a "Thinker."
      Feelings..... without a "Feeler."
      Acting..... without an "Actor."

     Then we have no opinion.....about our opinion.

                                   With Blessings,

                                            Chuck Hillig
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