Knowledge, Experience and fear

Chelluri Nageswar Rao Chelluri at AOL.COM
Mon Nov 11 06:10:11 CST 1996

                                              Sri Matre Namah

My Namaskarams to YOU all!                     HAPPY DEEPAVALI

Sada   returned back safely after a month long pilgrimage to India.
 completed the eleventh chandi homam at Sri Madhaveswari temple in Prayaga by
the grace of Sri Chamundeswari.  Next is Ujjaini.

Glad  to see discussions (sometimes heated) on various topics.

Your posting is excellent.  Thank you for sharing.    Now I have a qestion on
the same subject.   Please respond.

Is your posting based on Knowledge acquired thru past and present teachers OR
Experience (Direct Experience)

Another thing.  We all talk about MAYA so much and attribute all limitations
to it.
Can you please define Maya and tell me briefly all about it.   I imagine
somebody coined this word to explain the non-explainable.

Above is not just meant for Sada (Best Friend) but for all of you

Devi's Grace be with You All on this Deepavali Day and Days to come.


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