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> I have sometimes wondered about the same thing, i.e., sha.nkara's
stressing of
> the sanyaasa aashrama. Since the aachaarya has also written a bhaashhya
on the
> giita, which separates the sanyaasa from the sanyaasaashrama.

The Gita is Smrti and thus appropriate for Shudras and others who are not
eligible to study the Upanishads and enter the Sannyasa Ashrama.  Hence the
slight difference in emphasis.  The goal however is the same.

> Could you write up something about the chandi homam when you get the
time? This
> seems to be a famous homam among smaartas, so this might not be off-topic
> hope)! I have often wondered what the homam is and it's modus operandi.

The Chandi Patha is a section of the Markandeya Mahapurana.  It is also
called Durga Saptashati because it has 700 shlokas.  The homa vidhi based
on it is actually Tantric.  It is based on the Katyayini Tantra.  The
Guptavati of Shri Bhaskararaya is the most famous commentary and contains
further elucidation on how the homa is to be carried out.

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