Upadesha Saaram.h by Ramana Maharshhi

sadananda sada at ANVIL.NRL.NAVY.MIL
Wed Nov 13 12:39:03 CST 1996

>Namaste, namaskaaram.h, vannakam.h and hi!
>Does anyone know a good published translation into
>English, hopefully with the Sanskrit, with or
>without commentary in an advaita flavor, of Ramana
>Maharshi's Upadesha Saaram.h.  In my studies we
>used a home made book translated by a senior student.
>Someone from England has asked.

Aikya - there is one with commentary by Swami Tejomayaanandaji of Chinmayaa
Mission, Published by CMW.  The books are awailable from the distribution
center in Philadelphia, Tri state center.   I donot have the phone no or
address off hand but can get you if you are interested. This book contains
the sanskrit, word by word meaning and commentary. They may also have taped
version of the takls by Swamiji.

I have a feeling your guru, Swami Dayaananda also has written one. I
remember having seen that with somebody in my class.

SRI,(Sri Ramana Institute)  in California may have different books. You can
get their info. Through Netscape - even the Chinmya Mission address too.

If you need more info. lt me know. I will dig it up.

Hari Om!

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