Upadesha Saaram.h by Ramana Maharshhi

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Wed Nov 13 13:13:23 CST 1996

At 10:07 AM 11/13/96 -0800, you wrote:
>Namaste, namaskaaram.h, vannakam.h and hi!
>Does anyone know a good published translation into
>English, hopefully with the Sanskrit, with or
>without commentary in an advaita flavor, of Ramana
>Maharshi's Upadesha Saaram.h.  In my studies we
>used a home made book translated by a senior student.
>Someone from England has asked.

The Society fo Abidence in Truth (SAT)
Treasures of the Heart Bookstore
1834 Ocean St.
Santa Cruz Ca. 95060
phone - (408)458-9654
e-mail ramana at cruzio.com
Webpage   http://www.SATramana.org
they have a nice little pocket size book containing Upadesa Saram and
Sat-Darshanam, both of which contain sansrit and english, without ant
commentary. It can be ordered right from webpage for only $2.50! Priceless
Truth. Store manager's name is Leslie Read.
om nama sivaya

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