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> >what was that little dity Sri Krishna sang to Arjuna
> >

Bad example.  Arjuna actually spent time in Narka (Hell) for the sin of
killing his family.
However, Arjuna willingly accepted his fate as Krishna Bhagwan told him to.
 He did not attempt to weasel out of it.

> >nothing occurs Jnana. there is no interaction in non-duality

> >there is no such thing as a realized "person", except to the unrealized

> >true Jnana is ununtainable, it is here and now, no place 'other'
> >

Logical argument can hardly make headway against such mystical babble.
Suffice it to say your views are not in the tradition of Shankaracharya and
his followers and don't deserve to be lumped together with Advaita.

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