Charles A. Hillig chillig at JETLINK.NET
Thu Nov 14 21:03:47 CST 1996

>So, if I know all these things, why haven't I taken sannyas?  In keeping
>with the dictates of the shastras I intend to get married and fulfill my
>family obligations and then in the fullness of time I'll take sannyas.

>Until then I'll not delusionally call myself a jnani and after that I
>won't ignorantly perform karma.

Dear Jaldhar,
     I want you to consider the possibility
                that there is no "until then,"
                                and there is no "after that."

     There is only NOW.

     Realization is not something that you can "do"
                      only AFTER you (seemingly) fulfill all of your other

     The Self is ever-present.

      "IT" cannot be "achieved"
                                  not  can  IT  be  "arrived  at."

     It's NOT  like  earning a  degree at some cosmic university.

     IT, alone,  IS.

     Everything else, (including this post) is entirely illusory.

      In short, Jaldhar, neither of "us" are really  "here." .

      Only the Self is here.

                                              With Blessings,

                                                     Chuck Hillig

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