pramaaNa-s and avidya

Giri gmadras at ENGR.UCDAVIS.EDU
Thu Nov 14 19:08:47 CST 1996

> Vedanta recognizes three pramanas.  Pratyaksha, anumana
>(inference, covering all of what is known as logic) and Shabda
>(authoritative scripture which includes Shruti, smrti, and shistachara)

        Advaita vedanta recognizes six pramaaNa-s. Besides the above three,
upaamana (comparision), arthaapatti (postulation) and anupalabdhi
(non-cognition) are also recognized as means of valid knowledge.
        It was also remarked by someone that avidya (ignorance) is
incompatible with Atman/Brahman. Please see Suresvara's
naishhakarmyasiddhi chapter 3 for the refutation of the above statement.


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