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> From: Ms. Aikya Param <aikya at IX.NETCOM.COM>
> I am not acquainted with these texts.

The Mitakshara is a commentary on the Yagnavalkya Smriti by

> I assumed he did not need a translation.
> The connection between these comments about my Sanskrit training
> and/or my guru and any relevant point is not clear. If I did not know
>  or did
> not understand something then, since Mr. Vyas seems to
> consider himself so very much superior in thorough training, he could
> perhaps explain it  Is the hostility intended to frighten me off? Not a
> particularly worthy approach.

I thought enough of you to assume it was a paraphrase instead of blindly
assuming you were mistranslating.  Yes, I do consider myself more
thoroughly trained than certain posters (and bow down to those more
thoroughly trained than I) and I don't feel it to be hostile to point that
out that simple fact.  Still, the tone of this conversation does seem to be
getting a little personal so perhaps it is in all our interests to step
back a bit.

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