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Fri Nov 15 12:21:50 CST 1996

At 11:38 AM 11/15/96 -0500, you wrote:
>> From: Charles A. Hillig <chillig at JETLINK.NET>
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>> Subject: Re: JIVA-MAN
>> Date: Thursday, November 14, 1996 10:03 PM
>> Dear Jaldhar,
>>      I want you to consider the possibility
>>                 that there is no "until then,"
>>                                 and there is no "after that."
>Then I assume your message also doesn't exist and you're not really wasting
>my time with meaningless statements.

My friend,

     You're quite right.

     My message doesn't "exist"
            because "I" am not really "here" to be, so-called,  "wasting
your time."

     And, likewise, YOU are not really "here"
                                                to be having your time "wasted."

      My post doesn't  "mean anything," either.

      (And, of course, it also doesn't "mean anything"
                                                      that it doesn't "mean

                                       With Blessings,
                                               Chuck Hillig

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