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On Mon, 18 Nov 1996, Giri wrote:

>         Actually, it is so rare that we can only point at exceptions
> (Janaka etc) rather the general case. However, as Ramana Maharshi notes
> unless it is someone's prarabdha that one take sanyas, it will not
> happen. And it is his prarabdha that he take sanyas, then the question
> 'Should I take sanyas' will not arise.

On what basis does he say this?  Jnana is not produced by karma, prabadha
or otherwise.  The taking of sannyas cannot always be the inevitable
result of some previous action.

>         imho, one should carry out the duties diligently. 'I am already
> enlightened' cannot be used as an excuse to escape from duties. Karma-yoga
> is a necessary step.
>         Since the jnana marga is restricted to a few, isn't the path of
> sharangati (surrender) much easier and open to everyone irrespective of
> caste, gender etc, according to advaita (and Bhagavad gita) ?

It is not neccessarily easier as there is a danger of becoming attached to
the saguna ishvara.  Still it is a worthy path to follow.

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