Ms. Aikya Param aikya at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Nov 19 01:09:41 CST 1996

Namaste mitraaNi,

I had written to Mr. Vyas:

> There was not speculation.  Refer to Bhagavad Giitaa, 3:4
> ##na hi kashchit.h kshanamapi jaatu tishhTatyakarmakR^it.h |
> kaaryate havashaH kaarma sarvaH prakR^itijairguNaiH || 4 ||##
> Everyone is always engaged in doing karma even if it is just
> the actions which maintain life like eating, drinking, etc..
He replies:

First of all by a Dharmashastra I meant a work like the Mitakshara which
laids down the rules for the various types of people including Sannyasis.

I am not acquainted with these texts. He continues:

The Bhagavad Gita is a Mokshashastra.  However let us examine this shloka
and see if it bolsters your claims.

I assume the words below it are a paraphrase.  As a translation they are
so mind-bogglingly bad they could not be anything else but a paraphrase.
(Then again you did mention how lackadaisical your Guru was in teaching
Sanskrit so who knows.)  An accurate translation would be something like
the following:

I assumed he did not need a translation.

The connection between these comments about my Sanskrit training
and/or my guru and any relevant point is not clear. If I did not know Sanskrit,
 or did
not understand something then, since Mr. Vyas seems to
consider himself so very much superior in thorough training, he could
perhaps explain it  Is the hostility intended to frighten me off? Not a
particularly worthy approach.



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