Buddhists "doing their own thing"

Ms. Aikya Param aikya at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Nov 19 01:11:44 CST 1996

Namaste MitraaNi,

In the JIVA MAN series, Mr. Vyas writes:

Think about it why do the Acharyas expend so
much energy of defeating the Buddhists?  Were they not just "doing their
own thing"?

 I do not think the Buddhists were "doing their own thing.".
Many Buddhists then and today act with all sincerity and live lives of
great discipline in accord with their beliefs. Shankara argued against
their tenets because he saw the erroneous thinking there and perhaps
because he saw that many people were throwing away something very
valuable in rejecting shabdapramaaNa for Buddhist dharma.


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