All Blessings

Ms. Aikya Param aikya at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Nov 19 01:13:28 CST 1996

Namaste MitraaNi

Mr Vyaas writes after much else:

You write:
Non-sannyasis can certainly talk of Vedanta.

No comment required.

One hardly needs clairvoyant powers.

This is a topic for another list perhaps.

your words are on display for all to
see.  If you truly wish to maintain this untenable proposition, tell me
what is so special about America, what magical powers does the West possess
which prevents Sannyasa.

I am not hung up about this sannyaasa choice in America.  Perhaps
Mr. Vyas is

It's probably true that Westerners do not have the cultural tradition
to support sannyaasins financially and that might make the lifesyle
quite different, but who knows?  Maybe not.  Maybe the power of that
person's pure intention would be so powerful that support would be

Since I don't believe moksha is dependent on this lifestyle,
but rather on understanding the content of "tat tvam.h asi" and the
other mahaavaakyas, I am not upset about whether sanyaas works
here in the U.S. or anywhere for that matter.

I'm sceptical because several years ago after my
Yagnopavit I resolved on the advice of our families' Shukla ji that I
would learn a little Sanskrit and live as a Brahman should.  Then also
people said "You can't wear a tilak in America.  We can't wear a dhoti to
work in America etc. ad nauseum."  And I observed that those who spoke
that way hadn't actually bothered to find out if it was true.  They spoke
that away out of laziness or fear of the Whites or whatever.  Yet with
some initial trepidation I tried it and I found out I could do it.  Now I
practice my Dharma with a fidelity my Grandfather couldn't find fault

I am very happy for you that you found a way to be true to what is
sacred to you and your family.  I wish you all blessings.


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