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>Sadananda wrote:
>> ... advaita (non-duel) ...
>Sound advice for the list :-)
>> ... anantameva ananda ...
>Pithy gems like this delight the mind!
>Do you recall the source of this? There is an obvious connection
>with the mahaavaakya in Tait.2.1.1 and the etymology of Brahman
>given in BSB.1.1.1 --- um, that should read etymology of the word
>`brahman' :-) --- but why is `anantam' neuter here?

I think in the upanishads - not sure of exact reference - Vidya can help -
There are two references to Brahman - Sat Chit Ananda Brahman and Satyam
JNanam Ananatam Brahman. Satyam is Sat, JNanam is Chit and Anantam is
Ananda.  Logically too the infiniteness alone is absolute happyness, since
that state alone lacks nothing to cause unhappyness. There is no more
wanting mind or desiring mind. A mind free from wanting and wishing is the
mind that is full and completely contended revelling in himself by himself
- atmanyevaatamana tushTaH  stitapraJNastadochyate

I donot remember, but there is a referece in Brihadaaranyaka Upanishad
effective to the meaning that infiniteness alone is ananda.  _ I have to
dig it up.

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