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Renunciation at the physical level - that is entering into a sanyaasa
ashrama could be helpful in avoiding unnecessary entanglement with the
world - but that is neither necessary nor sufficient for self realization.
Self realization what it is - realization of I am that and not this body,
mind or intellect has nothing to do with external renunciation.  Taking up
sanyaasa Ashrama is an action, action no matter what it is - does not lead
to knowledge. - avirodhitaya karma avidyan na vinivartayet -karma not being
opposite to ignorance it cannot eliminate it. -  says Sankaraachaarya in
Atma Bhoda - in the same text he also says - JNanam vinaa moksho na sidyati
- without knowledge moksha cannot be gained. - In VivekachuDaamani - he has
the sloka -
Jaati niiti kula gotra duragam
naama ruupa guna dhosha varjitam
desha kaala vishayaati vartiyet
Brahmatavamati bhaavayaatmani.
A loose translation: It is beyond jaati, niiti, kula and gotra, It is
different from the name, form, qualities and their errors or complexities,
It is nothing to do with place or time where one is and all other objective
details - that Brahaman is you - please contemplate that in your own self.

Therefore the  Kaivalya Upanishad sloka:

Na karmana na prajayaa dhanena
tyaage naiki amrutatva maanasuH|

Not my action, not by popularity not by wealth, but by renunciation alone
one can reach the immortality.

Renunciation is therefore renunciation at the mental level.  - Krishna
calls it sanyaasa yogena -only by detachment - attachment technique -
detaching one self from identification of what one is not (sanyaasa)  and
attaching one self to param or supreme self nothing but you alone - (yoga)

One can take orange robes and still have greatest ego in the world - I have
met that kind in my own life - With a bloated ego that they know sanskrit
more than their own preceptors, they could give inspiring talks but wearing
orange clothes they are muddled with own samsaara.  But  they too taught me
by their own example, one of the most valuable lesson of my life - It is
the mental sanyaasa that is required not physical sanyaasa for ones

If one has clear understanding even intellectually the nature of reality,
one can follow any path knowing that "truth is pathless" - Following a path
is an action - action does not give knowledge - But action purifies the
mind - Chittasya suddyaye karma na tu vastuupa labyate - Mind became impure
by indulging in action - willful egocentric actions - the vaasanas have
been accumulated - It is natural that only by actions the mind can be
purified - here  action including even thinking or bhavana. Hence path or
action including taking sanyaasa or not taking sanyaasa or helpful means
for purification of the mind, but not for realization.

 Realization involves knowledge - knowledge involves automatically shedding
the ignorance - there two are two sides of the same coin.  Hence true
renunciation is only once that occurs when the mind is pure, and occurs
with the dawn of knowledge that I am that I am. All others are helpful -
and can become burden as well if one is not watching.  Individual has to
follow his path, swadharma, dictated by his own inclinations or tendencies
or prarabda as Bhagavan Ramana has put it.

The best eye opening statement of Bhagavan Ramana that someone mentioned in
the list -

If one thinks he is a sanyaasi he has not realized!

This is a true gem.

Janaka may be real sanyaasi than many of the sanyasis we have met:

Krishna himself endorses this:
KarmaNaiva hi sansiddhimaastitaa janakaadayaH| - 3-17

samsidhim is samyak sidhhim - total siddhi - astitaa is firmly established
hi - indeed, karmaNi yeva - in the action alone, Janakaadaya - Janaka  etc.
have gained what need to be gained or firmly established in the total
siddhi. Actions performed for the lokasangraha - for the benefit of the
world will lead to purification of the mind and it is only in pure satvic
mind, knowledge takes place.  Taking sanyaasa is also for purification of
the mind - to develop a satvic mind.  In essence for knowledge to takes
place one need the satvic state or pure mind.  How one arrives at that
state is immaterial.  Renunciation is the renunciation of the ego.
Renunciation and the self realization - is the sanyasa yoga.

Scriptures are logical - The truth is beyond the logic.  Logically one can
see the need to renounce the ego - but by logic one cannot renounce the

Hari Om!

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