Grandfathers and sannyaasa

Anand Hudli ahudli at APPN.CI.IN.AMERITECH.COM
Wed Nov 20 09:29:51 CST 1996

 Here is an excerpt from a talk by Shri Abhinava Vidya Tirtha,
 the former Swami of Sringeri:

  `` A person felt like renouncing home and so wanted to determine the
    auspicious time to leave. He finally concluded that while an auspicious
    time is chosen to enter a new house, such is not the case with renouncing
    home and going away. Hence, he just set out. A grandchild of his cried
    out, "Grandfather! Grandfather! Where are you going?" Replying, "No, no,
    I am never going to leave you", he returned to his house."

     (Divine discourses, Published by Sri Vidyateertha Foundation,
      Mylapore Madras, 600 004, (1994))

    The question is:

     Suppose the above mentioned grandfather stays at home and says he will
     "mentally" renounce everything but stay with his family. Is he being
     honest to himself? It may be better to continue to practise karma or
     bhakti, in his case.


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