Three schools of thought

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> From: Rushikesh K. Joshi <rushi at BRONTO.IITM.ERNET.IN>
> I disagree with you !

I don't think you really do.

> Hence if one just says that mental renunciation is enough,
> *and does not practice it*, then only one is making a mistake !
> This was one possibility.
> Another possibility:
> You consider the mind above the gross body level
> but still have more levels defined above the level of mind such as
> Buddhi, Chitt and Ahankaar. And you say that at these levels too
> one requires renunication. Then what remains is a matter of
> definitions as to what one considers as mind.

There is A third possibility.  That when I say mental renunciation isn't
enough, I don't mean to say just physical renunciation is enough or mental
renunciation is not important.  What I mean to say is for Moksha mental
_and_ physical renunciation is needed.  Commenting on the Ishopanishad
Shankaracharya says "Only a fool will wish to combine the knowledge of the
oneness of the self with work or meditation."

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