Grandfathers and sannyaasa

Ms. Aikya Param aikya at IX.NETCOM.COM
Wed Nov 20 11:04:38 CST 1996

Namate miraaNi

If the grandfather leaves the home while still feeling
that he should not, he may have some worthwhile
experience but he will have also judged himself and
that self-judgment will later play out.  He will choose
perhaps a family where he will be abandoned by the
father in a later life time.  That self-judgement may
remain a pratibandhaka even if the "society" says it
is okay.

It would seem that a person who has a family needs to
try to discuss with whomever can hear what his desire
is and make arrangements as did Yajnavalkya talk
to Maitreyi in BR^hadaasaNyaka.  Some attempt at
leaving others with some peace and understanding
is important if possible. At least the person must leave
knowing he has done all he could to help his family
understand and to provide for them.

 If not possible, then the unresolved issues come
along with the "sannyaasin."  For some decades
now it has been nearly impossible to disappear
from one's family as it may have been in the past
so the family itself may actually follow for years

The choice is that person's, just as
Arjuna knew he would suffer punishment for
killing the relatives, but decided to lead the army.


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