Grandfathers and sannyaasa

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Wed Nov 20 11:41:40 CST 1996

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> Here is an excerpt from a talk by Shri Abhinava Vidya Tirtha,
> the former Swami of Sringeri:
>  `` A person felt like renouncing home and so wanted to determine the
>    auspicious time to leave. He finally concluded that while an auspicious
>    time is chosen to enter a new house, such is not the case with renouncing
>    home and going away. Hence, he just set out. A grandchild of his cried
>    out, "Grandfather! Grandfather! Where are you going?" Replying, "No, no,
>    I am never going to leave you", he returned to his house."
>     (Divine discourses, Published by Sri Vidyateertha Foundation,
>      Mylapore Madras, 600 004, (1994))
>    The question is:
>     Suppose the above mentioned grandfather stays at home and says he will
>     "mentally" renounce everything but stay with his family. Is he being
>     honest to himself? It may be better to continue to practise karma or
>     bhakti, in his case.
>   Anand
Isn't it possible to be 100% involved and  fully participatory in his
family's life,
             and yet to remain 100% detached from the dramas that unfold in it?

                                             With Blessings,
                                                          Chuck Hillig

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