Three schools of thought

Charles A. Hillig chillig at JETLINK.NET
Wed Nov 20 11:41:38 CST 1996

At 07:02 PM 11/20/96 +0400, you wrote:
>Dear Friends;
>I have just joined this group.  Indeed, I am very glad to know that
>you have been discussing on Adwaita school of thought.  Please give
>me a chance to participate in your discussions and learn from you.
>I am giving below an article I have written to further develop my
>understanding over three schools of thought. I am eager to listen
>your valueble comments and criticism.
>Further, I apologise for the lenthyness of the Article. But, I did
>not want to cut it into two.
>Thanks & regards
>madhava at

Dear Madhava,
     First of all, welcome to our group.  Thank you for sharing your paper
with us.  I appreciate the effort and time that it took to type out, and I
look forward to your future contributions to our discussions.

                                   With Blessings,
                                         Chuck Hillig

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