Grandfathers and sannyaasa

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On Wed, 20 Nov 1996, sadananda wrote:

> It is assumed in the question and Sri Anand's answer that followed that the
> choice is between leaving home vs. karma and Bhakti.  First they are not
> mutually exclusive.

I thought we just spent a few days concluding they are mutually exclusive.

> What is going to do when he leaves the house?

The fallacy here is assuming karma is a unitary thing.  Actually there is
a whole range of behavior.  The miniscule amount of action that the
sannyasi has to perform in order to stay alive in no way compares to the
action of loving a grandson.

> Renunciation is not leaving karma or Bhakti, but the notion that I am the
> doer while the action is being performed.  Sankaraacharya has provided what
> true Bhakti means in the VivekachuuDaamani - I donot remember the sloka.
> He difines Bhakti as the contemplation on one self.

No this is renunciation of karmaphala.  Which is also neccessary but as
many quotes over the past few days have demonstrated Shankaracharya
requires renunciation of karma itself.

> Next question is why does he want to leave the house.  If he is mentally
> attached to his grand child, he will carry the grand child mentally even he
> leaves the house - He wont be honest to himself either even if he leaves
> the house.  There are many, who leave the house becuase of smashaana
> vairaagya - who left their families in the impulsive and ended having
> families else where.

Agreed, so the answer to Anands question given the facts of the situation
is no, the grandfather is not being honest.

> On the other hand, if he is detached mentally but does
> not want to hurt the small grand child, he can still be staying at home
> continue his practices with non-attachment.

If he is worried about hurting the child, he is not detached and hasn't
even renounced karmaphala.

> He can practices his meditation
> at home to the degree possible. He has to weigh his grand childs need vs
> his need.

Vairagya admits to no needs.  Did Arjuna weigh the needs of Bhishma or

> If he is like Siddhartha,

...he's on the wrong mailing list. :-)

> The only advantage of leaving the house for the grandfather, if he is truly
> detached, is that he will have more free time without the unnecessary
> disturbances for his meditation.

That's a pretty big advantage.

> Hence external sanyaasa should not be taken unless internal sanyaasa is
> there.  The teacher who gives sanyaasa generally does not give to his
> disciple unless he has that detachment.

Interestingly a view has been mentioned on this list that only those who
have the requisite prarabdtha karma end up taking sannyas.  How do you
square this with the view expressed above?

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