Grandfathers and sannyaasa

Rushikesh K. Joshi rushi at BRONTO.IITM.ERNET.IN
Wed Nov 20 12:23:24 CST 1996

> Isn't it possible to be 100% involved and  fully participatory in his
> family's life,
>              and yet to remain 100% detached from the dramas that unfold in
>                                              With Blessings,
>                                                           Chuck Hillig

Pranaams Chuck !

I think only a realized person can do that. Since he himSelf is 100%,
he can give 100%. If I am still only 1 %, 2 %, I can talk of only 100% of that
1 %,  2 %.

That is why family members are Saints, Realized souls and Sannyasis
are so much praised by the tradition. They get it.

Ramana sat for the whole day near his mother's bed till she was

It is true for the Gopis, of mother Yashoda, Sudama, and so many !!

- Joshi

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