Renunciation & attachment

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Thu Nov 21 12:08:48 CST 1996

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>Thanks Chuck.   Do you really believe One can have 100% renounciation and
>100% attachment.  One has to be a split personality to be like that.   I will
>accept if you give one example from past or present.   Do not mention Janaka
>Maharaj or some such people who are nothing but characters in a epic.
>                                                                   Nagy

Dear Nagy,

     Aren't "renunciation" and "attachment" quite incompatible?

      I wasn't speaking of "attachment" but of  NON-attachment.  I was
thinking that one could be 100% involved with and fully participatory in
"doing his duty" and yet remain 100% detached from the results of any of his

     Since such detachment would be totally grounded in love and compassion,
it would, of course, be very different than "indifference."

                              With Blessings,
                                     Chuck Hillig

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