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                          SRI MATRENAMAH
     Since my childhood I am always fascinated by the personal lives
     of enlightend people.  Learned a few things how they got to where
     they are today.  I am a strong believer in brahmacharyam
     (celibacy)still striving to be one. Like anything the TIME has to
     come.  Here I like to post a personal experience to support my
     She is the youngest of all living saintly person in world today.
     She is one of the most beautiful women.  Whole lot of people in
     this world (perhaps from other worlds too)come to have a glimpse
     of her and am one of them.  She never talks with anybody except
     those close to her.   I am fascinated, obsessed and infatuated by
     her beauty, knowledge and manners and fell in love.  She never
     had any formal education but she know as much or even more as all
     of us put together.  She is a Servagni.
     I had the good fortune to meet her and have discussions.  Somehow
     she took a liking (may be because I think God is SHE) and talk
     without reservations.  During one of these discussions I told her
     that I am madly in love like gopikas with krishna.  Would she
     reciprocate?.  She said that YUGA(Time) is different from this
     YUGA and that is not appropriate in kali yuga and that she is not
     interested in that kind of love. Further she added that she likes
     remain celibate.  I am very much impressed with her response.
     Thought to myself here is a person qualified to be my guru.  I
     could have had a perfect guru-sishya relationship but for her
     assistane who got jealous and started putting obstacles.  I
     gaveup thinking it is not meant to be.  I took a photo of her,
     gave it to a sculptor in India and have make a 16" vigraha out of
     a stone.  I worship this diety everyday with ekagrata.
     One can transcend Anger, Jealousy and like qualities except Kamam
     One has to be like Ramana or Ramakrishna or this young lady.
     My point is one should be celibate in thought and action to gain
     brahmajnanam.  Ofcourse there are ways to get around which I will
     talk about at a later date if you are interested.
     Appreciate if you post experiences from which people like me
     ordinary men can learn.

     REGARDS                                        NAGY

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