Eating Meat and Fallen Leaves

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>All convenience. A plant can grow its leg, hence cut its leg.
>I think lizard's tail also grows again after it falls. Will you ...?
>And an animal's blood if taken out as
>blood donated in hospital will become drinkable by this rule.
>Blood grows again !

[just digression....]
You answer reminds me "viduraneeti" in Mahabharata. Vidura in order
to convince Dhrutarasthra takes the same kind of argument :-)
Vidura advises Dhrutarasthra to disown Duryodhana because Duryodhana
is the cause of all peril in kuruvamsa. Then Dhrutarasthra replies
 by saying "How can I leave him he is my own son, he is from within me".
There Vidura argues the same way "Hair is growing from within you are you
not getting rid of it?  warms grow in your stomach are you not getting
rid of it?"....
[digression end..]

My dear sir! I am familiar with this logic :-)..

>Not all of them. Many took chapati and rice too.
Perhaps!  I believe you.

>> 2.  Taking alcohol
>> Simple reason.  My parents do not take it.  People around me do not
>> take it. Taking alcohol is not a part of our cultural life.
>This is the real reason even for your being a vegetarian.
Thank you for accetping :-)

>Why do you need to defend it by giving so many reasons ?
If the same question was asked by my Non-veg eating colleagues, I wouldn't
have given that kind of Bhashan :-).. I would have just said "it is not
a part of our culture".  I sm sure I would have given the same reason
for you, too. Anway, I wanted to give you the whole list of reasons.

>So suppose if one day someone is happier than you and is taking alchohol,
>will you take it ?
No Sir!  I am told that I am the anadaswarupa.  In order to realise it
I have to practice.  One day I am sure I shall reach the goal. That is
realisation.  Taking alcohol may give the happiness but it is not even
a millianth part of the ananda I am going to get by practicing and reaching
the goal.  I wanted have that ananda hailed by Srikrishna in Geeta.

"yaM labdhvA nA paraM lAbhaM manayMtE nAdhikaM tataH"...

>I lived on fruits for 10 consecutive days. Didn't really work out.
>Body strongly reacted. Back to my daily rice and chapati!
Lord Buddha wanted to live with out food.  He practiced it for ten days.
And realised that with out food body does not co-operate for sadhana.
You need food. No matter what ever way you take it.

> But do not defend it against killing
>animals. It will bounce back to you. And if defeated in argument,
>(It will not happen if you take right approach!) will you taste Non Veg
>in the spirit of those Mumukshus who became Shankara's devotees after
>getting defeat
Thanks for your advice.

>Deepak Chopra's books give excellent description for why
Are they available on Internet?  Or else I have to wait for some more
time to get them.  Thanks for the information.

By the way, I am anyway a vegetarian.  And I seldom land up in argument
about my vegetarian habits.

I came to know recently after I left India that vegetarianism may land
you in troubles in alien countries :-)

Earnest regards

>Shri Raam.
>- Joshi
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