Eating Meat and Fallen Leaves

AIKYA PARAM aikya1008shree at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Nov 23 12:47:52 CST 1996


Rushi writes:
>It is said that our mind is made from what we eat.
>And may be science will prove one day the connection between food,
>mind and peace, in that sequence.

I think there is quite a bit of research on nutrition and mental state but it
is not a popular subject with physicians.  Also it is hard to get people to
change their diets unless theree is some crisis like impending death due to
heart disease or cancer.  Even then people will not change.
Also diet is not a money maker. One can make money with supplements so there is
research on supplements and mental health.

I agree with various people who have mentioned upbringing and habit regarding
diet.  It is good for people to be able to explain some reasons for
vegetarianism in a day when many whose families have ben vegetarian for
centuries are taking meat because they know no reason not to.  To prevent
harmful changes it is good to be able to explain why, not necessarily to win
arguments with someone who
isn't really interested in hearing your point of view anyway.


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