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>                                           Matrenamah
>Dear Madhav:
>In Andhra Pradesh, there is a place called Kalahasti.  If ever you get an
>go to the sacred shrine of siva and you find the answer what blind faith
>means and its benefits.
>Ma's Blessings                                                       Nagy
Dear Nagy,

Kalahasti was one of the places I used to visit quite frequently during my 6
months stay in a near by ashram.  I used to drive from the ashram to the
temple every saturday morning to perform abisheka.  I have continued this
for almost 4 months. Kalahast is 2 and half hours drive from our Chinmaya
Mission ashram (chinmayaranyam).

Now, I do not see any co-relation between blind faith and visiting Kalahasti :-)
Pardon me for my ignorance.  I have not yet understood what you wanted to say.

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>On Fri, 22 Nov 1996, Ken Stuart wrote:
>> Thanks for the advice, but I think I will stick to the path that my
>> guru has set out for me....
>If you wish.  But remember blind faith in a guru is as bad as blind faith
>in anything else.  If your guru is deviating from the tenets of Advaita
>maybe you need a better one.

Shankara states in the Vivekachudamani:

(32) Others maintain that the inquiry into the truth of one's own Self
is devotion.  The inquirer about the truth of the Atman who is
possessed of the above-mentioned means of attainment should approach a
wise preceptor who confers emanciaption from bondage.

(33) Who is versed in the Vedas, sinless, unsmitten by desire and a
knower of Brahman par excellence, who was withdrawn himself into
Brahman; who is calm, like fire that has consumed its fuel, who is a
boundless reservoir of mercy that knows no reason, and a friend of all
good people who prostrate themselves before him.

(34) Worshipping that Guru with devotion, and approaching him, when he
is pleased with prostration, humility and service, (he) should ask him
what he has got to know:

(35) "O Master, O friend of those that bow to thee, thou ocean of
mercy, I bow to thee; save me, fallen as I am into this sea of birth
and death, with a straight-forward glance of thine eye, which sheds
nectar-like grace supreme."



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