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Sat Nov 23 10:43:03 CST 1996

> Namaste:
> The conversation with Ramana is very enlighting.  The questioner should have
> asked one more last question.
> Sir why did you remain celibate?  Wonder what his answer would be.
> Many of the saints in the past and present are celibate.   I will provide a
> few examples:
> PAST: Ramana, Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Saibaba
> PRESENT: Ammachi, Satya Saibaba, Mother Meera, Karunamayi.. list goes on and
> on.
> We should pay more attention to the life histories than their sayings.
> Regards
>                                                                          Nagy


We often see the saints as Celebates. But is it that they
wanted to be celebates ? Celebacy is natural in their case.
And it is a consequence of Knowledge. An outward
sign of Brahmnishtha. The word is 'BrahmaNishtha', and not 'celebacy'.
It sounds very odd to me to call the Jnani saints as celebates.

However, in the Yogasutraas, celebacy is one of the
Anga among others. But no saint advices everybody
to become celebate. The Guru knows what is good for
the desciple. It is just that one could be in
his 10th standard and the other in his 5th standard.

And saints also have to be born.
Depending on the state of the parents, appropriate
children are born to them.
Laws of Karma do work.

So do not also underestimate the Grihasthaashrama at the same time.
It is the base Ashrama for mankind's evolution towards Knowledge !!

A Jnani saint born to you could effortlessly give you

- Joshi

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