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>=>> As I understood the Advaitic teaching "advaita is a kind of state to
>=>> be experienced".  It can't be expressed. Just imagine the deepsleep
>=>> state. We can experience the joy but can't express it.
>        No Advaita if it is a state is a as false as any other state.
>Advaita is not a state.  It is beyond the states.
I think for the sake of explanation I have called it as a state.  How do
I presumedly explain that which I haven't experienced!!! that which I have
only heard of but couldn't reach!!! Shall I call it a state or shall I
call it something beyond everything!!!!!

Hope you understand me...

>As long as ur are in a
>state then its not the Absolute truth.  The absolute is beyond All the
>states.  As long as some thing is a state it implicitly carries the notion
>of change so it cannot be truth.  So Advaita is beyond states.
Absolutly I thought I mentioned the same point!

>        So u mean all the great souls like Annamayya, Tagaraju and all others
>did not know God.

Do you think so!  Okay.. let me go into further into explanation.

One day one of my frined Ramu has called up from USA and told me that
he visited this beautiful place in Canada where beautiful landscapes
can be found.

I was awestruck to listen that, because I have been dreaming for so long
to visit that kind of place.  I have asked him how could I go there. And
he started explaining me that I have to goto the airport and take a flight
to Toronto and from there hire a cab and within three hours drive from
Toronto there is the place.

Now, if I do not believe my friend's word I would not even bother to
think whether that place is existed or not.  Because I have believed
his words I have tried to know my way to that place.

Same way, when realised masters say that you are the satchidanaMda ghana.
That thou art.  And you are the blissful parabrahman.  I, at the first
place, should have faith (sraddha = guruvEdAMta vAkyAdishu viSvAsah).

Coming to know about the place, merely does not mean that you have reached
that place. You have to practice and go, and should not stop on your way.
When you reach that place only you will come to know that the place is
really existed.  Till that moment you have to take the help of two forces
"one is believing in yourself that you can achieve no matter what ever are
the obstacles enroute, and the second is believing your own master and
follow the path he told you"

Sri tyagaraja and the other great saints have their own masters.  They
have been guided by their masters.  Now, don't ask me whether they have
realised God or not.  Ask me whether I have realised or not.  My answer
is that "I have faith in my guru and I am following my guru's teachings
and I have faith in myself that I can reach one day".

I suggest, why don't you contemplate on Sri Tyagaraja and ask that great
master himself whether he realised or not!  I am sure when you have
unshattered faith in yourself that you can speak to the great saints
you shall be answered. Tat sat....

>        Vishista dwaita school and dwaita school are valid.
>        Sri ramakrishna Paramahamsa himself used to state that vishista
>dwaita and dwaita schools are also correct.
Remember bhagawatgeeta!  "jOshayEt sarva karmANi vidvAn yuktaH samacaran"
(loose translation) The wise and discriminate should always overlook all
the deeds, no matter what ever they are".  It does not matter whether it is
vishistadwaita or dvaita.  One should always look at his own path and
practice continuously.  Do not look at others, whether they are in the
right path or not.  They will come to the right path if their's was wrong.

Swamy Chinmayananda says "In advaita to travel from alone to the alone
all alone"!!

>        Then Why did Sri Ramanuja and Sri Madhava teach against some of the
>advaitic practises.  U answer is not clear.
I hope you can answer yourself when you think why they taught against some
of the advaitic practices.

>        It also means that they were not teaching something which they
>proclaimed as highest truth.  So that means they were lying ..
You said that!!!! Listen, If you show a black cloth and ask me whether
it is in white color, I could immidetly say it is in black.  Because
I know the difference between white and black.  I can say, whether they
lying or not, only when I realise the truth.  You have to wait till then :)

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