Chelluri Nageswar Rao Chelluri at AOL.COM
Sun Nov 24 20:36:36 CST 1996

                                 SRI MATRENAMAH


We have discussed about celibacy and now let us look at the second criteria
Universal Outlook(perhaps it is a pre requisite) in sadhana.   The 3rd
category in chucks classification. (I belong to this category but I am trying
to grdaduate)
It is not easy to go beyond mine and my own.  This is hard one in present
environment (kali Yuga).   But with sincere trials it is not that difficult
to cross the line.  There was a devasting cyclone in Andhra Pradesh in India.
 Hunger in African countries and war in european countries.  Some fanatics
even fight in the name of religion, Ireland and middle east and Kashmir.
We cant set everything right.   We can say this is all Midhya.  A bad dream.

Before I go further on this topic I like to know why so many saints kept
quite.  Dont they have the power to stop it?  Cant they do something to bring
universal peace instead of building more temples/churches.  There is
something behind this whole thing.

Anybody like to comment.


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