Charles A. Hillig chillig at JETLINK.NET
Mon Nov 25 09:36:21 CST 1996

>Before I go further on this topic I like to know why so many saints kept
>quite.  Dont they have the power to stop it?  Cant they do something to bring
>universal peace instead of building more temples/churches.

>Anybody like to comment.
>                                                                 Nagy

Dear Nagy,

     You ask if they have the power to stop it.

     But stop "what?"

     An truly awakened saint would not experience a separate "it" out there
that must be, seemingly, "stopped."

     For them, the universal peace is already fully present as they abide as
the Self.  There would be nothing for them to "bring" to "others" because
they would not make the slightest distinction between "themselves" and

     In that place, they would only be the very personification of the
infinite love and compassion that the Self has.....for Itself.

                                 With Blessings,

                                    Chuck Hillig

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