Three schools of thought

Rushikesh K. Joshi rushi at BRONTO.IITM.ERNET.IN
Mon Nov 25 09:46:25 CST 1996

> > From: Shashikanth Hosur <shashi at KBSSUN1.TAMU.EDU>

> >         Could u specify who are these people who made mistakes.

> Anyone who disagrees with me. :-) No, seriously one example would be those
> who say mental renunciation is enough.
> --
> Jaldhar H. Vyas [jaldhar at]

Dear Jaldharji,

I disagree with you !

Why do you say so ? I guess the following reason:

Mind is what drives the body.
Hence renunication at the level of mind will reflect in renunication at
the physical level too.
If I am gone from the body, the body is dead. Body has renounced.
I am still looking for a womb.

Thus it is not enough if you display renunciation at the level of the
body but it is necessary to develop renunciation at the level of mind.
Since seeds can still be present in your mind that are causes for attachment and
which will surface as grass at gross level given right (or left) opportunity.

For example, if in my dream I am greedy for gold, I am no renounced person.

Hence if one just says that mental renunciation is enough,
*and does not practice it*, then only one is making a mistake !

This was one possibility.

Another possibility:

You consider the mind above the gross body level
but still have more levels defined above the level of mind such as
Buddhi, Chitt and Ahankaar. And you say that at these levels too
one requires renunication. Then what remains is a matter of
definitions as to what one considers as mind.

- Joshi

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