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>        Thats good.  Then u should not comment upon the validity or
>not validity till that time.
I think I was trying to put my understanding over the subject.  Not the
point whether they are valid or not valid. Can you show the point I made
on validity!

>        If u believe in the path of advaita then adhere to it and practise
>I believe every path is as valid as any other path.  There are saints in
>each path.  In it our narrow mindeness that makes us say this is vaild or not
>valid.  Sri Ramanujacharya and Sri Madhvacharya were great souls as was
>Sri Shankaracharya.
>        It is correct if u say that U have much faith in advaitic teachings
>as u are more inclined to it.  But u cannot speak or comment on other
>paths if u are not aware of it.
>        Quoting Bhagavatgeeta and other upanishads are useless unless if
>undestand the inner meaning of each and every word.
NOT VALID :-) :-)  Why don't you read my article, or my earlier postings
on this subject, again?...

>        I feel that it is the same reason for which Sri Sankaracharya
>went against Buddhism and Jainism.
Don't go there... Till now you are right, sometimes you spoke with out
knowing the subject itself.  Now, you are going to comment Sri Sankaracharya
by saying that he did not understand Jainism and Buddhism... BTW, where is
Jainism come in to picture from?

Please try to understand what you said, above.

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