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Chuck Pranams:     What you say is absolutely right.    My question is

Take for instance Satya Saibaba.  He can produce vibhudhi or anything u want.
 Why not sai stop the wars and hunger.  He sure has the power.  I think
aslong as the saints are on earth they have a responsibility to mother earth.
  Why do you think they say in puranas that  Maharishi's performed Homas for
Viswashanti  "world Peace".

Another example.  In Mahabharat katha Lord Krishna tries to stop the war by
mediation. Does he really have to mediate?  He can stop the war by blink of
an eye.  Why he did not stop the war.
I also like to ask my friend Sada to stepin and give a response. By the way
Sada Celibacy is something I believe in.. its just my belief.  You know, Lord
Krishna is celibate.   They call him "Askalita BrahmacharI".  Now you have to
answer two points.

There is a hidden secret inaddition to what chuck stated above.


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