Chelluri Nageswar Rao Chelluri at AOL.COM
Mon Nov 25 14:26:16 CST 1996


Seeker, mantram and Devi when all become one that is brahmam SatChitAnanda
with no second.   Am I right?
One of the mahavakyas says "Aham Brahmasmi".  It sounds like one is telling
other.  If you are brahmam there is no need to tell "aham brahma" as there is
nobody around to listen.   My understanding of this mahavakya is that if you
take away aham which has two meanings 1. Aham is "I"   2. Aham is "Ahankara".
 If ahankara is removed Brahma only remains like when ignorance removed
knowledge shines.  I think the second meaning is correct.

If there is another interpretation please share.




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