Confusion between means and the goal

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Mon Nov 25 14:36:42 CST 1996

Sadananda wrote:
>   ... [...] All paths are not for realization, but for purification of the
> mind.  There is no uniqueness of the paths for purification.  Celibacy,
> non-celibacy, sanyaasa or gruhasta or brahmacharya these have nothing to do
> with the goal - but are aides for purification of the mind which depend on the
> individual. If it works for you, by all means practice it - if not throw it
> in the dust bin. But do not insist for others that no realization is
> possible unless you do this, this etc.   A guru can advice his disciple to
> follow a particular path since that advice has come after studying the
> mental frame work of that particular student and the student has the faith
> in his teacher's guidance.   Advaita theory and the truth is beyond all
> these.
> Mind requires certain detachment in order to contemplate for to reject-
> neti neti- all that can be objectified.  Renunciations, celibacy, puja,
> japa and everything else is for the mind to have this detachment,
> vairaagya.  As Bhagavan Ramana puts it: everything is helpful but not
> necessary! Advaita that  I understand and subscribe to is in tune with
> Bhagavan Ramana's statement. True renunciation occurs only with the dawn of
> knowledge- that in my opinion is the essence of the Kaivalya upanishad
> sloka.  In the final analysis all other have no significance, this includes
> the celebacy, ... [...]

Concur. (Worthwhile to re-post.)

"Renunciation is the renunciation of ego."
                         --Bhagavan Sri RM

Chuck wrote:

>... are there REALLY any mistakes?  I suspect that we cannot lose our
>way on this "path-less path" even if we would want to.

Not popular, but an excellent point!

>... [...] I suspect that, although the mental renunciation is there, the
>physical renunciation may just take more time to manifest.
>      I think that Maharshi compared such momentum to the blades on a
>ceiling fan.  Even after the power has been turned off, the blades will
>continue to rotate for a while.

Yes.  The fan's momentum is prarabdhakarma--as we know, yet it is likely
to also remain intact until the mahanirvana [of the videhamuktha].  Yet
this has no critical bearing on the jivanmuktha either.  Proving further
"where," so-to-speak, renunciation takes place: in/of the ego-Mind.


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