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egodust Wrote:

>Beyond this, however, investigation into the root of things yields the
>verity that the Mind is the foundation on which the world is based, as
>was explained above.  And the root of this Mind is the ego-thought
>('I'-thought), which in turn is a mysterious outbreath of Brahman.
>As such, the world has not the solid, fatal, final reality commonly
>attributed to it.  The advaitic axiom: "the world is in the Self, the
>Self is not in the world," is based on this primary idea, and is the
>import of the mayavadi stipulation as propounded by Sankara.


Inquiry of into the rality of the world is useful. Just as the inquiry into
the rality of the snake.

That the snake has two stripes or three stripes, is it poisonous or
non-poisonous, etc. - may not lead us any where.

Vyavahaarika understood as vyaavahaarika is no problem.  If it is taken as
real then the problem starts.

By the by, advaita vedantins use the following as the difinition of the truth:

Trikaala abhadhitam satyam - That which remains the same in three periods
of time is the truth.

Can any one give me reference to this in the Pramaanas.  Vishishtaadvaita
also uses this but they allow the modifications as part of the abhaaditam.
For them Jagat, world, becomes satyam, even if it undergoes continuous

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