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I promissed that I will share the responses as I receive them.  I am still
waiting replies from Shankaracharyas.     Incase you forgot what I am talking
about let me refresh your memory.  Sometime back I talked about two steps and
that the ego fights so hard it is impossible to cross the hurdle.   Now here
is a response from Sri Daya Mata from Self-Realization Society.

"It becomes possible to take the final step of merging with the Divine when
the body and mind are sufficently prepared and purified through many years of
deep meditation and living in attunement with the spiritual laws."

This statement kind of relates to what you are discussing.

 I respectfully disagree with the statement as I believe when there is grace
everything happens in a second

"But the ultimate freedom comes through the gradual transformation that takes
place by SELF EFFORT and by the blessings of God and ones Guru.

True for some.

"Paramahamsaji taught that one can most quickly reach God by following in the
footsteps of a great soul who has found Him"    True it is!  Agreed!

How many of us can do that.  Let me talk about myself as I can not talk for
I have 3 sons and one daughter.  I still have to educate one son and one
daughter. My constant worry is that How am going to do it.   Sounds familiar.
 I got stuck in samsaram.  Until I complete my responsibilities I can not
even think of following the footsteps of mahatmas.  Devi has showered grace
on to me and I have the vision.

Most of you disagreed with me including my friend Sada when I said
Brahmacharyam (celibacy) is a pre-requirement.   All the Mahatmas Sri Ramana,
Sri Ramakrishna Sri Saibaba and Paramahamsaji lived the life of Brahmacharyam
and are able to reach the goal they set for themselves 'cause of no
attachments, desires and habits that keep them bound to the world.    I
sincerely wish to follow their footsteps but I can not go past the first
stage until I am freed of all the bonds including SELF.

Thanks for reading this posting.  May be you have a comment or two.

Best Regards                                             Nageswar

By the way I am going to Draksharama on 10th April to perform Rudra Homam on
SriRamnavami to please Rudra for the welfare of this world and beyond.

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